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New Arrivals

October 10, 2018

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Abby Rose Designs

Gather Ye Thy Bounty

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed


Chessie and Me

Christmas Cabin

Halloween Mini


Cottage Garden Samplings

Songbird's Garden 3 - Winter's Wisdom

Songbird's Garden 4 - Promise of Spring


Country Cottage Needleworks

Merry Christmas

Welcome to the Forest 7 - Forest Bear


Erica Michaels

Caroling Berries - Jingle Bells

Caroling Berries - Silent Night

Jolly Soul-Chart with Silk Gauze

Prince of Peace


Homespun Elegance

Never Enough Santas - 2018 Santa Ornament



Let's Hug a Nurse


Les Petites Croix de Lucie


Elsa and Olaf

Mermaid, The


Lila's Studio



Mani di Donna

Seasonal Harvest Pillows


Rosewood Manor

101 Alphabets

12 Days of Christmas

Happy Halloween


Sue Hillis Designs

Hello Autumn

Hello Halloween

It's Cupcake O'Clock

Life is What You Bake It



Book Lover Motifs


With Thy Needle and Thread

Field Mouse Hollow


New Arrivals

September 27, 2018

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Abby Rose Designs

Merry and Bright

Merry Little Christmas


Annie Beez Folk Art

Autumn is a Second Spring


Blackberry Lane Designs

Winter Snow Owl


Cottage Garden Samplings

Songbird's Garden 2 - Merry & Bright


Country Cottage Needleworks

Welcome to the Forest 5 - Pink Forest Cottage

Welcome to the Forest 6 - Forest Fox and Friends


Crossed Wing Collection

Tufted Coquette 2018


Dinky Dyes

Flamingo Scissors


Drawn Thread

Bats in the Belfry

Botanical Stitches - Christmas Rose

Botanical Stitches - Pumpkin

Christmas Cards


From the Heart Needleart

Sunflower Garden



Eleanor Embroidery Scissors


Glendon Place

Helianthus Sunflower Mandala

Hungarian Folk Art No. 1

Hungarian Folk Art No. 2



Kitty Buggy Ride

Puddle Dancer


Hands On Design

Autumn Acres Farm

Put on the Hat


Heart in Hand

Christmas Night

Glad Tidings

Tom Turkey Sampler


Heartstring Samplery

Festive Little Fobs Harvest Edition

You Had Me at Pumpkin Spice



Christmas Favorites

Happy Pawlidays


JBW Designs


Sing a Song of Christmas IX - Winter Wonderland

Sing a Song of Christmas VII - O Little Town of Bethlehem

Sing a Song of Christmas VIII - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Sledding Santa

Sledding Snowman


Jeannette Douglas Designs

Letters from Mom 5 - December

Letters from Mom 6 - January

Letters from Mom 7 - February


Little House Needleworks

Farmhouse Christmas - Baa Baa Black Sheep


Madame Chantilly

Black Cat

Pumpkin Thieves


Mill Hill

Christmas Cardinal

Christmas Poinsettia

Icy Evergreen

Midnight Snowfall

Royal Snowflake

Snowman Greetings


My Big Toe

Stash Today, Stitch Tomorrow

What a Friend We Have in Jesus


Pickle Barrel Designs

666 Spooky Lane

Autumn Calling

Boo Crew, The

Bump in the Night


Plum Street Samplers

Buzz Off

Crone on the Hill

Eat Crow

Noah's Christmas Ark V Hyenas and Sheep


Prairie Schooler

Christmas Samplers

Farmer's Alphabet


Scarlett House

Pumpkin Spice Everything


Stoney Creek

Hope Snowfriends Banner

Joy Snowfriends Banner

Love Snowfriends Banner

Towels of the Month - September


Tempting Tangles Designs

Great Cheshire Pumpkin, The



Mushroom Biscornu


Tree of Life Samplings

Joy's Assurance

Pursue Thanks

Wacky Two


Val's Stuff

1 + 1 Equals Boo

This Old Jack


Waxing Moon Designs

Halloween House Trio

New Arrivals

September 10, 2018

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Artful Offerings

Horse Country Holiday


Carolyn Manning Designs

Winter Wonderland Garden Labyrinth


Erica Michaels

Caroling Berries - Deck the Halls

Caroling Berries - Gloria in Excelsis

Grace & Blessings I


Glendon Place

Spook Town Square Part 4


Hands On Design

Wild Salt Air


Heartstring Samplery

Festive Little Fobs Summer Garden Edition



Word Play - Pumpkin Peeper

Word Play - Pumpkin Prowl


Jardin Prive

Sampler aux Chats


Just Nan

Harvest Hoots Needle Slide

Hazel Fun Witch Mouse

Witching Hour Cube


Kathy Barrick

Little Robins


Little Dove Designs

Black Cats and Pumpkins



March Aquamarine Fairy


Primitive Hare

Black Pearl


Stoney Creek

Black Cats

Halloween Towels

Happy Halloween Moon

Magic in the Night


Sweetheart Tree

Be as Happy as a Bird with a French Fry

Blackie & Punkin

Itty Bitty Kitty - Here Fishy Fishy

Plum Fancy Pincushion

Quaker Flowers Sampler

Summer Flowers Biscornu Pincushion

Summer Flowers Fob


Threadwork Primitives

Quaker Fancy Star Pinwheel


Waxing Moon Designs

Dem Bones

New Arrivals

August 28, 2018

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Special late arrival addition from

Just CrossStitch

2018 Christmas Ornaments Magazine

Annie Beez Folk Art

Sheltering Tree - Autumn

Welcome to the Hive


Blackbird Designs

For the Birds #8 Summer Beaming Forth


Cottage Garden Samplings

Halloween Sampler


Heartstring Samplery

Festive Little Fobs Woodland Edition


Homespun Elegance

Liberty House


Jardin Prive

Halloween (tout simplement)


Little House Needleworks

Farmhouse Christmas - Farm Folk

Good Morning Punchneedle


Queenstown Sampler Designs

Mary Hornor 1772


Satin Stitches

Four in One

Reflection Pool

Special Gifts

Woodland Walk


Scattered Seed Samplers

Heart's Content Armchair Pinpoke


Stacy Nash Primitives

Berry Basket Sewing Tray, Pin Disk & Strawberry Pinkeep

Feathered Nest Pin Book

Nantucket Sewing Set

Quaker Sewing Tray, Pin Disk & Strawberry Pinkeep


Stoney Creek

Live Laugh Boo

Peace in the Manger


Waxing Moon Designs

Autumn Blessing

New Arrivals

August 14, 2018

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Abby Rose Designs

Blessings Be Upon this House


Annalee Waite Designs

Autumn Leaves

Blooms & Butterflies


Collection Tralala

Jardin Bleu (Blue Garden)

Tableautin de Printemps (Spring Tableau)


Faithwurks Designs

Bigger Faith


Hands On Design

Live Within Your Harvest


Heart in Hand

Bird in the Hand - Autumn

Hocus Pocus Halloween

Wee Santa 2018


Homespun Elegance

Alphabet Pillow



Let's Flamingle

Moose Welcome


Kathy Barrick

Arithmetic Book


Lucy Beam

Love the Bees

Pumpkin Kitty Scissor Fob


Stoney Creek

Summer Bell Pull 2


Tree of Life Samplings

Penny Prims - Autumn

Penny Prims - Spring

Penny Prims - Summer

Penny Prims - Winter


Val's Stuff

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts


Victoria Sampler

Sunflower Street Sampler

Thanksgiving Sampler


With Thy Needle and Thread

Autumn in Baltimore

Basketful of Autumn Time

Bittersweet & Broomsticks

Cat & the Moon, The

New Arrivals

August 1, 2018

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Abby Rose Designs

Long May She Wave - America the Beautiful


Cottage Garden Samplings

Songbird's Garden 1 - Forever & Ever


Country Cottage Needleworks

Camping Trip


Erica Michaels

Caroling Berries - Adeste Fidelis

Caroling Berries - O Tannenbaum

Scary Berry - Linen

Scary Berry - Silk


Glendon Place

Spook Town Square Part 3


Ink Circles



Reflections of New Orleans

Well Suited


La-D-Da Designs

Fine House Indeed, A


Lindy Stitches

Bennet Family Sampler

Birds To The Boughs

Bloom Where You're Planted

Change in Latitude

I Forget The Rest

I Love You More Than Yesterday

I Still Remember

In Another City

Jane Austen Is My Homegirl

Pride and Prejudice


Little House Needleworks

Farmhouse Christmas - Cock-a-doodle-do


Mill Hill

Children Were Nestled, The

Jolly Old Elf, A

Stockings Were Hung, The

To All a Good Night


Needle Bling Designs

Bicycle Built for 2


Prairie Schooler


Four Seasons, The


Stoney Creek

Hocus Pocus


Summer House Stitche Workes

Fragments in Time 2018 - 7

Fragments in Time 2018 - 8



Baby Raccoon



It's a Mermaid Life


Whimsical Edge

Liberty for All Threadkeep

Schoolgirl Threadkeep

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