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New Arrivals

August 10, 2020

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Annie Beez Folk Art

Country Christmas I

Country Christmas II

Pumpkin Patch


Bendy Stitchy

Patriotic Pinkeep


Carolyn Manning Designs




Country Cottage Needleworks

Snow Village - Snow Cone Cart

Trees and Bees


Darling & Whimsy

Quirky Quaker #2 Hedgehog


From the Heart Needleart

Quaker Bees


Hands Across The Sea

Mary Carter 1712


Hands On Design

Ghosties and Gourds A Banner Year

Grace of a Flower

Present Blessings


Heart in Hand

Christmas Square Dance 3

Patchwork Crow

Pocket Round Crow


hello from Liz Mathews

Quaker Pumpkins

Sally's Shore

Spanish Rose Sampler


Joan Elliott Design

All Hallows Eve Sampler



Kathy Barrick

Busy Hands

Sampler Bands


Mani di Donna

Harvest Home Pincushion

Thankful Pillow


Mill Hill

Be The Person

Cindy Cane

Fishing Gnome

Happy Halloween

Hiking Gnome

Leave Only Footprints

Mac Cheese

Patsy Pine

Skiing Gnome

Sledding Gnome

Wish On A Star


Prairie Schooler

Country Seasons


Satin Stitches

Flowers of Spring

Granny's Corner

Rain Garden

Woodland Runner


Summer House Stitche Workes

Fragments in Time Virtues 2020-7 Charity

Fragments in Time Virtues 2020-8 Humility

Ladies Garden Journal 5 Johnny Jump-Up


Twin Peak Primitives

Christmas At Dun Mill

New Arrivals

July 27, 2020

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Annalee Waite Designs

Blue Butterflies

Floral Postcard



Mary Poppins


Blackberry Rabbit

Dragon Queen

Dragonfly Dreams


Erica Michaels

Charlotte's Smalls

Ocean of Wisdom II


Fox and Rabbit Designs

Sarah Hayward 1859


Hands On Design

Let's Talk Autumn



By The Sea


Lindy Stitches

Beach Dance


Little House Needleworks

Hometown Holiday - Post Office



Miss Dancing Flower


Needlework Press

Little Busy Bee, The


Pickle Barrel Designs

Christkindlmarkt Pretzel Stand

Summer 4-Pack

Summer Cool


Praiseworthy Stitches

Simple Gifts - O Holy Night



Sleepless Stitcher, The

What's Your Superpower?


Samplers Not Forgotten

Descending Sun

One Hundred Hearts


ScissorTail Designs

Coffee Relax Enjoy


Stoney Creek

Last Race


With Thy Needle and Thread

Autumn Gatherings

Hilda Boo and Sunflowers, Too!

Witches Brew, The


New Arrivals

July 10, 2020

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Burdhouse Stitchery



Calico Confectionery


Oh My Stars!


Country Cottage Needleworks

Snow Village - Iced Coffee Cafe


Hands On Design

Deer Santa

Naughty or Nice


Heartstring Samplery

Flanders Fields Biscornu

WIP It Good

You Make My Heart Happy


hello from Liz Mathews

Birdie's Quilt Tree

Stars & Stripes Tree


Homespun Elegance

Country Spirits Collection Beach Fun Truck



Bucket Of Shells

You Are My Sunshine


JBW Designs


Christmas Ornaments II

Doggies in the Round


Kitties in the Round


Jeannette Douglas Designs

Sew Together #7 Letters and Numbers

Sew Together #8 Silks & Wools

Soar Into Summer


Just CrossStitch

2020 Halloween Collector's Issue


Luhu Stitches

Autumn Fling


Madame Chantilly

Celebrate Summer



Princess Elliana


Pickle Barrel Designs

Beach Therapy

Shell Yeah Beaches


Plum Street Samplers

Grace On Thee

Nightshade Bird

Summertide Blessings

Summer Hill

Tomato Dame


Prairie Schooler

2020 Santa North Wind


Rosewood Manor

Cats On A Pumpkin

Reindeer Dreams



Witch's Dead and Breakfast


Samplers Not Forgotten

LW Motif Sampler 1821


Stoney Creek

Seashells and Snowflakes


Sue Hillis Designs

Dogs On The Run


Sweetheart Tree

Itty Bitty Kitty At The Lighthouse


Teresa Kogut

Fabulous Monsters Series #2

Land That I Love

Snarky Cat



Mermaid Biscornu


Twin Peak Primitives

Coop Almanac


Whispered By The Wind

Explorer's Tomb, The

New Arrivals

June 24, 2020

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Blackbird Designs

Come Into My Garden


Carriage House Samplings

Chicken Feed Sack


Hands On Design

Chalk Full - Liberty


hello from Liz Mathews



Little House Needleworks

Saltbox Scriptures

Tumbleweeds 6 Howdy Partner


Lucy Beam

Cut That Scissor Fob


Monasterium Design

Willie's Quaker Square 1

Willie's Quaker Square 2

Willie's Quaker Square 3


Pickle Barrel Designs

Christkindlmarkt 5 Hot Cider Stand


Summer House Stitche Workes

Rambling Rose 4


Victoria Sampler

Spring Has Sprung Sampler

Love Birds Sampler


Waxing Moon Designs

Halloween Critter Trio

Haunted House Trio


New Arrivals

June 8, 2020

For the latest additions,
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and type



Hands On Design

Be A Pineapple


hello from Liz Mathews

First Day of Christmas Sampler and Tree


It's Sew Emma

Home Grown


Just Nan

Garden Hedgie Hedgehog Needle slide

Heather's Hedgehog House

Pansy Mix


Madame Chantilly

Celebrate Spring


Mill Hill

Albatross Santa

Christmas Eve

Christmas Welcome

Evergreen Topiary

Frosty Morning

Holiday Glow

Holly Cupcake

It's A Wonderful Life

Leopard Seal Santa

Penguin Santa

Reindeer Chorus

Santa Cruise

Special Delivery

Teddy's Tale

Winter Feast


My Big Toe

Blessed Is

I Will Dwell

Trust In The Lord


Pineberry Lane

Gift Is Small, The


Scattered Seed Samplers

Shelter From The Storm



Hilltop Village in Summer

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